Microsoft 365 Optimize


  • Decrease subscription costs 5-15%

  • Increase adoption

  • Improve security


  • Differentiate your M365 offering

  • Land & Expand

  • Grow your MSP business

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Decrease subscription costs 5-15%

Microsoft 365 is great. But like most subscriptions, customers often pay for services they don’t use. Sam360’s ‘M365 Optimize’ calculates the financial cost associated with under utilisation and identifies how to eliminate the unnecessary spend. It identifies 

  • Unallocated subscriptions

  • Subscriptions allocated to users that are

    • Disabled in Active Directory or Azure AD
    • Inactive on-premise or in the cloud
  • Users with over-spec’d subscriptions E.g. Users with

    • PC/Mac Office client entitlement but only using mobile client
    • Office client entitlement but only using Exchange Online
    • Visio or Project entitlement but no recorded usage
    • Azure AD Premium entitlement but not using SSO
  • Users with any entitlement duplication E.g. Users with

    • ‘Office 365 Without Audio Conferencing E5’ and ‘Microsoft 365 Phone System’
    • ‘Teams (Exploratory)’ and ‘Exchange Online (Plan 1)’
  • Service, Resource, Admin & Test accounts with full user subscriptions

Most IT admins accept that their Microsoft 365 subscriptions are ‘probably not 100% optimised’, but they don’t understand how much that costs every month. ‘M365 Optimize’ typically identified 5-15% savings without any reduction in required services.

  • Optimisation reports are updated daily in partner branded portal
  • Partner branded optimisation report emailed monthly

  • Track M365 cost per user/location/department/tenant over time

Increase Adoption

Low or inconsistent adoption can decrease productivity, impact security and waste money. Sam360’s ‘M365 Optimize’ makes it easy to identify adoption gaps in many services including

  • Microsoft 365 Apps & services across all platforms

  • Project, Visio & other applications

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Windows 10 & 11 SSO

  • 3rd party application SSO

  • FIDO2 Hardware keys (Registration & activity)

‘M365 Optimize’ automatically builds usage profiles for all users. This is a vital step in addressing adoption bottlenecks

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Improve Security

Microsoft 365 maintains very detailed service sign-in and consumption audit logs. However, without a Premium Security and Compliance SKU for all users, it might be difficult to conduct important security activities like

  • Quickly identify dormant or orphaned accounts
  • Identify unusual sign in activity

    • Excessive failures for a particular application or service
    • Excessive devices for a particular user
    • Unusual or excessive geographic locations for a user
  • Ensure compliance with MFA and MDM policies
  • Track the deployment and usage of hardware security keys

Sam360’s ‘M365 Optimize’ allows MSPs and end users to complete these important tasks with ease

Benefits for MSPs

Differentiate Your
Microsoft 365 Offering

Stand out from the crowd by including

  • Branded Microsoft 365 optimisation portal with SSO
  • Automated optimisation recommendation emails

with your offer. Customers will appreciate your dedication to saving them money.

Land &

Attract new customers with M365 Optimize. It’s high speed, light touch and can save customers money immediately. It

  • Proves the value of your services
  • Establishes trust
  • Uncovers customer pain points

Then, secure your customer with value add services like

  • Managed SAM
  • Cloud Migration & Optimisation
  • Hardware Refresh Assessment etc

Grow Your
MSP Business

Sam360’s Web API allows you to onboard all of your customers in minutes. Your branded portal allows

  • Employees to understand all of your customers’ environments
  • Customers to identify how to reduce Microsoft 365 spend

Sam360 is the glue that connects MSPs with their customers

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